Mental health and addiction services for children and adults.

Red Oak Behavioral Health

is a non-profit mental health agency serving the greater Akron community since 1963. We are advocates for children, youth, families and older adults, continually exploring innovative ways of providing professional therapeutic and community support services.


WE CHANGE LIVES by partnering with the community and those in need of behavioral health services.

Clients Served

We have successfully served thousands of clients for more than 50 years, and this venture continues to grow. Today, we are actively serving more than 4,000 clients of all ages in a variety of settings, meeting the mental health needs of individuals in the Akron/Canton area.

Our Team

Red Oak currently employs more than 140 individuals, with more than 100 direct service staff providing therapy, case management and substance use addiction services.

All of our therapists are clinically trained and are educated at a master’s level. Whether you are a client of Red Oak within a local school, a senior living community, or a patient at the Barbara M. Vassel Comprehensive Care Center clinic, you can be assured you are working with a qualified and caring team.

Certification and Accreditation

Red Oak operates under the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services and is an accredited COA (Council on Accreditation) mental health agency. Red Oak is certified by the state of Ohio to provide behavioral health counseling and therapy, mental health assessments, medication management, community psychiatric supportive treatment (CPST), and addiction prevention services.


Red Oak is a nonprofit mental health agency serving the greater Akron community since 1963. Red Oak started as a small counseling practice until 1998 when CEO Rev. Dr. Byron Arledge was approached to place qualified mental health professionals in select Akron Public Schools (APS).

The school-based therapy program began with one licensed therapist at Perkins Middle School. The following year, Red Oak placed seven licensed mental health professionals at other APS middle schools. Within a few years, the program has grown tremendously serving all grade levels and expanding into additional school districts.

In 2013, the outpatient Barbara M. Vassel Comprehensive Care Center opened to serve those with mental health needs outside of the school setting. Red Oak added addiction treatment and prevention services in 2014 after receiving its AOD certification by the Ohio Department of Mental Health.