Mental health and addiction services for children and adults.

Red Oak is certified to provide behavioral health counseling. Conducted individually or in groups, counseling offers positive outcomes to those experiencing a mental health concern or emotional issue.

Counseling begins with mental health assessment to help determine the best course of treatment. Then, together with your counselor, you will identify goals and start meeting on a regular basis to work towards those goals.

During counseling sessions, our trained professionals use proven techniques and therapies to help you work through issues, while providing a listening and understanding ear.

The purpose of counseling is to empower you to have a productive, full, and successful life. Overall benefits of the counseling process can include:

  • Increase in self-awareness
  • Decrease in problematic symptoms
  • Use of positive coping skills
  • Enhanced functioning and engagement in life

Red Oak offers counseling services through our School-Based Therapy program and our Vassel Center outpatient clinic.

Contact us to learn more about our counseling services.