Mental health and addiction services for children and adults.

Red Oak offers services to help prevent substance use and related mental health concerns in youth, adolescents and adults.


Red Oak Behavioral Health is helping curtail the high rate of misuse and abuse of prescription drugs among teens in Summit County with a new program called Generation Rx, Preventing the Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Medications (Generation Rx).

Red Oak received grant funding from the County of Summit Alcohol, Drug addiction & Mental Health Services Board to facilitate the program in Summit County. The program, itself, was developed by the Cardinal Health Foundation and The Ohio State University.

It includes hands-on education tools and resources such as skits, games, discussion prompts, and peer-to-peer interaction that appeal specifically to the unique learning style of teens. The goal is to increase the understanding of safe use of prescription drugs and the consequences of misuse.

Red Oak piloted the program in May 2016 with 34 freshmen and sophomores from Kenmore High School in Akron with overwhelming results:

  • 84% respondents reported an increase in awareness of the dangers of prescription drug abuse and misuse
  • 90% respondents reported an increase in their refusal skills
  • 96% respondents reported they would tell a friend to attend the workshop

During the fall of 2016, Red Oak implemented Generation Rx in three additional schools - Innes Middle School and Roswell Kent Middle School of Akron Public Schools, and in Woodridge Middle School.

Partner with Red Oak

Red Oak is expanding Generation Rx to all school districts within Summit County, grades 6-10. If you would like more information on offering this program to your students, please contact Stacey Giammarco at (330) 996-4600.