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On any given day our 68 therapists and 40 case managers are serving just over 4,000 children in the greater Akron area. Whether that’s in your school or in our outpatient facility, these numbers continue to rise every year.

Gifts of any dollar amount allow us to
help kids and families.

See how your support directly impacts those we serve:

A Gift of $25

Can provide a family of four 10 round trip bus passes to and from our outpatient facility to undergo group therapy services for their family.

A Gift of $50

Provides refreshments and snacks to a class of community leaders undergoing Youth Mental Health First Aid training to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness of the youth in your community. 

A Gift of $100

Provides funding to a therapist or case manager as they travel to meet children in alternate therapy settings such as the park or McDonalds.

A Gift of $250

Provides funding to equip our therapists with sensory kits every year in our schools. These sensory kits include stress balls, evidence-based curriculum resources, coloring books and crayons.

A Gift of $500

Provides funding for a parent to complete a 13-session “parent project” program. Parent Project is an evidence-based parent training program for parents raising difficult, out-of-control children and teens.

A Gift of $1,000

Supports two individual therapists located in any school in your community to be able to provide additional therapy services outside the scope of what traditional insurances may cover. This can be as simple as a “touch base 10-minute” conversation with a client that was in crisis yesterday.

A Gift of $3,000

Allows Red Oak’s certified trainers to provide Youth Mental Health First Aid to a class of 30 community members with an 8-hour training session. Youth Mental Health First Aid provides education to those interacting with the youth in your community to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

Children Can’t Thrive Without Your Help

Support from community members like you is critical in helping our kids and families. Please contribute to ensure these critical mental health services will continue in your community.

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