What is a Mentor?

Mentoring takes place between young persons (i.e., mentees) and older or more experienced persons (i.e., mentors) who are acting in a non-professional helping capacity to provide support that benefits one or more areas of the mentee’s development.
-Adapted from DuBois and Karcher, “Youth Mentoring in Contemporary Perspective,” in the Handbook of Youth Mentoring, 2nd edition (Sage Publications, 2014).


Our mentoring services are designed to empower participants to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to make healthy choices and promote prosocial behaviors. Provided in collaboration with area schools and community partners, these services are designed to encourage and support both individual and community-level change.

iC.A.R.E. Mentoring®

The mission of iC.A.R.E. Mentoring® is to foster relationships that cultivate mutual mentor/mentee development and empower youth.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for mentees by reducing achievement gaps so that every child has an equitable opportunity for success in the classroom and in life.

As a school-based mentoring program, iC.A.R.E. supports students through positive, purposeful mentoring relationships with community volunteers. All volunteer mentors are provided with “best practice” systems, processes, and innovative resources to improve the efficiency and quality of mentoring services. Mentors receive training, curriculum, individual and collective support and guidance.

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Know a student who wants to develop an extra relationship with a caring adult, an extra boost to their confidence, and to be empowered for success? They could be a good fit for nomination to iC.A.R.E. Mentoring®!
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